Calling all amateur photographers! Add your most amazing pictures to this year's fair & with your entry you could win bragging rights as well as a bit of cash.

Contact: Kim Dillon          E-mail: kimjdillon@gmail.com

To Enter: please email your selected class numbers to entry@luxtonfair.ca 

Fees:     $1.00            

Prizes:    1st  $3.00    2nd  $2.00   No 3rd

Photography Rules:

  1. Open to Amateur photographers only.
  2. Photographers under the age of 18 may enter their work in either this competition or the junior/children’s event.  They may not enter the same photo in both.
  3. Only one entry per class, and no photo can be entered in more than one class.
  4. Photos can be no smaller than 4”x6” and no larger than 8”x12”.
  5. All photos must be mounted on dark blue or black construction paper or poster board, using double sided tape.  Borders should be no more than 3/4”.
  6. No framing or matting, and no text permitted on the front of the photo or mount.
  7. Photos must be originals—no photocopies permitted—and must have been taken by the entrant.
  8. All photos must be clearly identified on the back of the mount with the name of the photographer and the class they are entered in.  No identifying marks on the front of the picture or mount.
  9. Photos will be judged on originality, composition and technique.  The decision of the judges must be considered final.
  10. Late entries pay double and may be accepted up to 5 pm on Thursday.



 601  Landscape / Seascape

Any photo that includes mountains, meadows, fields and trees, lakes, beaches, oceans, etc.  Central focus of picture cannot be people or man-made structures.

602  Skies

Any photos that feature sunsets, sunrises,  dramatic clouds, rainbows, captivating horizons, the moon, stars, etc.

603  Architecture / Industry

Pictures that capture the essence of man-made structures, using ambient light.  This could include buildings, machinery, etc.

604  Pets or Domestic Animals

Can include household pets, farm  animals or animals at a zoo or aquarium, with or without human interaction, but the animal(s) should be the focus of the picture.

605    Wildlife

Can include any type of wild animal in nature, on land, sea or air.

606  Action or Motion

Any picture that captures or stops action, such as kids playing, fireworks, moving water, wind, etc.

607  Sports / Recreational Activities

These photos should show people  involved in any kind of recreational activity, such as organized sports, golf, swimming, horseback riding, etc.

608  Macro / Close-up Photography

This class includes any close-up of a small object that dominates the frame of the photo.  The picture is usually at least twice the size of the original object.

609  Portraits

Pictures of people or animals as the central subject.

610  Flowers / Plant life

Pictures showing growing things.  Could include gardens, shrubs, flowers, etc.

611  Faraway Places

Photos of locations obviously not on Vancouver Island.  This could include scenes overseas, the US or even other parts of Canada.

612  Digital Manipulation

These are photos that have been altered from the original shot.  This could include merging two photos, adding an obviously foreign object to a scene, or changing colours or shapes within the picture.

613  Vintage Farm

This could include old farm equipment, farm buildings – or even old farmers!