Commercial Booth Space

For All Commercial Booth Space / Space Rental Application Info

Contact Ian McKenzie —

The Luxton Fall Fair welcomes both artisans who create their own unique items for sale, as well as small entrepreneurs who sell other unique manufactured items,  If you have a larger commercial business we would be happy to discuss the various “sponsorship” opportunities we offer.  For example a heavy equipment sales company may wish to supply the use of equipment needed to prepare the grounds for certain events, in return for displaying their equipment for sale during the Fair.

”Community” and “Not for Profit” volunteer groups are invited to display during the Fair at no charge.  We only ask that you email your request explaining how you fit this category.  The Fair Board will consider the application and if approved and if space is available you will be notified.

All Vendor inquiries please include

  • Photos or description of your work/service and/or your website address,
  • Please contact Ian McKenzie for pricing of booths